Two things championship-level performers always do

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Advancing on the job requires strategic thinking, framing results during storytelling in a way that showcases impact, and influencing others.

Yet, if you’ve recently tried going about a career change on your own, you may have noticed that conducting a successful job search is a lot harder than it was 10-20 years ago. It can be downright frustrating and even discouraging.

  • 10+ years ago, Director, VP, and Executive-level candidates could passively search online and submit applications through job boards with a much higher rate of receiving responses and call backs for interviews.
  • Today, according to a recent Harvard Business Review study, as many as 88% of high-level candidates are filtered out through ineffective ATS programs. This means, not even a single email or phone call, just radio silence in response to online applications. (Has this ever happened to you?)

To counteract this type of job search frustration, you’ll have to spend time optimizing your resume and social media profile(s), networking, preparing, and practicingAnd, maybe, just maybe, consider that online job boards are not your only path to job search success.

My team and I have created a powerful, proven blueprint to job search success that incorporates step-by-step module based training, group coaching, mindset support, interviewing scripts and practice and so much more. While some of our clients have successfully attained their next multiple 6 figure level position through online job boards, MOST have used networking to create relationships that helped open doors to massive levels of success

So, if you haven’t been landing those Director, VP, or Executive-level job interviews or are failing to receive the offer for the job and money you know you deserve, keep these tips in mind…


The Two Things Championship-level Performers Always Do
When you get through understanding these two items, you will be able to exercise the discipline needed to get through the tough stuff during your job search.Yes, you can still use online job boards to land your dream role… BUT, taking yourself from “0” to “60” during your job search will require that you value momentum and MAXIMIZE itWe can help.

So, join the hundreds of top-level Directors, VPs, and Executives like yourself who took control of their job search to land the role of their dreams. Claim your spot on our calendars to have a conversation about your career unlike any other.

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