Tips for Getting In Front of the Hiring Manager

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The bulk of what would make your candidacy stand out is done before you meet with any hiring manager. But, the fact remains that so many of us struggle with getting “seen” to begin with.

Here are some facts that might astound you about the Director, VP, and Exec level job search process:

  • 98% of Fortune 500 companies and at least 66% of larger companies use ATS (applicant tracking systems). (WorkforceHub)
  • The ATS cuts a whopping 70%+ that don’t match the required criteria.
  • 92%+ of companies use social media to research candidates.
  • More than 80% of high-level jobs are never published online.
  • The average senior-level executive job search can take 6-12 months.

As mind-blowing as these stats may be, we live in a reality where high-level candidates like yourself are getting rejected time and again. But, listen, it’s not your fault. Your skills and talents are HIGHLY VALUABLE in your industry…

You’re getting rejected by the dreaded ATS programs put in place because your resume may not match every detail listed in the job description. And many of these high-level positions aren’t even broadcasted on online job boards, so let’s get to what you can do TODAY to get in front of hiring managers in your industry.

  • First, list out the top companies you would LOVE to work for: You can jot the list down in a notepad and transfer it to a spreadsheet. These can be Fortune 500 companies, local organizations you’ve admired for years, etc. Try and start with a list of 20.
  • Next, RESEARCH who the hiring decision-makers are in each of these organizations: Chances are, each company on your list has an online presence that includes a LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Instagram, etc. Not only will your research show you what’s latest and greatest about your prospective employer, but you’ll also get to know who’s working behind the scenes to make it happen.
  • Beef up your personal brand on LinkedIn and then reach out to your newly researched company contacts: This is a loaded statement here; I get it. For brevity in this message, your personal brand online should consist of crucial details about what you have achieved in your industry. You’ll need to focus on how much money you saved your previous employers, how many people you’ve managed, what kind of sales #s did you achieve, etc. Each job description, your recommendations on LinkedIn, even your LinkedIn title should showcase you as the leader you know you are. And, once you’ve made adjustments, it’s time to start reaching out to these contacts you’ve done your homework on. Send them a connection request with a professional message to get started and remember to stay in touch.

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Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades