The Future of Your Work is Here Now

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In my latest article featured on Newsweek, “The Future of Work is Here Now,” I shine a spotlight on the concept of hybrid work going from a luxury scenario to quite possibly a “must-have” for high-achieving professionals.

Reports indicate Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Ford, Citigroup, Infosys, and Google, are making the hybrid working model available to employees depending on the “nature” of their position.

Now, what about your employer and employment situation?

You may be in a situation right now where:

  • Your employer doesn’t understand or make reasonable exceptions for remote work
  • You’re dealing with a toxic boss
  • There’s no room for upward mobility
  • You don’t have coworkers (or a board) who respect or support you [and you feel alone]
  • Your skills aren’t being utilized to their potential

Improving the way you THINK ABOUT YOURSELF to accelerate your career is KEY to your success.

Writing my article on hybrid work gave me some time to think about how corporate mindset and empathy aren’t always practiced… And, SO MANY impressive, qualified job candidates (like our clients and maybe even you) go completely unnoticed in the market.

❌ Question: How many jobs have you applied to with 0 responses?

And, even when you’ve genuinely felt you’re a PERFECT fit for a Director, VP, or Executive-level role and you spent hours on your cover letter and resume — you found yourself GHOSTED?

It can be devastating (rejection hurts).

Getting ghosted leads to SELF-DOUBT about who you are and what you might be doing wrong.

But, the BEST part about “feeling not good enough” is that whatever it is that needs to be fixed is something you have control over.

If you have this burning desire to ACCELERATE YOUR CAREER and move past the mindset, self-doubt, lack of clarity, and confidence about your 6 figure or multiple 6-figure job search, let’s talk.

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Looking forward,

Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades


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