The Future of Work Trends for 2023: What Employers Need to Know

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COVID-19 has brought unprecedented changes to the world of work, and organizations are facing historic challenges in 2023. To address these challenges, organizations need to adapt to 9 future of work trends in 2023 according to Gartner, read the full article here. With a competitive talent landscape, an exhausted workforce, and pressure to control costs, employers must be prepared to tackle the following nine future of work trends:

Quiet Hiring

With the idea of “quiet quitting” becoming prevalent in 2022, HR leaders are looking for new ways to acquire skills and capabilities without adding new full-time employees. This is where “quiet hiring” comes into play. Organizations will focus on internal talent mobility, stretching and increasing skilling opportunities for existing employees, and leverage alumni networks and gig workers.

Flexibility in the Hybrid Workforce Reaches Frontline Employees

With desk-based employees now entering a permanent era of hybrid work, it’s crucial for organizations to extend this flexibility to frontline workers, such as those in manufacturing and healthcare. These workers are interested in control over their work schedule, paid leave, and stability in their schedule.

Support for Managers Required

Managers are facing the dual pressures of implementing hybrid work and providing purpose, flexibility, and career opportunities to employees. To mitigate the managerial skills gap, organizations must provide support and training to their managers, clarify their priorities, and redesign their roles if necessary.

Exploring Alternative Talent Sources

Organizations must expand their talent pipelines and diversify their candidate pools. Candidates are charting nonlinear career paths, and hiring managers are looking for the ability to perform in the role, rather than credentials and prior experience.

Healing Pandemic Trauma

The ongoing mental health challenges faced by employees due to the pandemic can decrease productivity and performance. Employers must address this issue by providing support to their employees and creating a positive work environment.

Organizations Push DEI Forward

Organizations are facing a growing push back on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, but it’s important for them to continue pushing forward in their efforts. This can be achieved through training programs, creating a supportive work environment, and promoting diversity in their hiring practices.

Getting Personal with Employee Support

Personalizing employee support can create new data risks, but it’s crucial for the organizations to strike a balance between employee privacy and providing personalized support. Employers must implement strict data privacy protocols to ensure the security of their employees’ information.

Algorithmic Bias Concerns Lead to More Transparency in Recruiting Tech

There are concerns about algorithmic bias in recruitment technology, and organizations must strive for transparency in their recruitment practices. They can do this by providing regular audits of their technology, conducting employee training programs, and implementing measures to reduce bias in their recruitment process.

Gen Z Skills Gaps Reveal Workforce-Wide Erosion of Social Skills

Gen Z has entered the workforce and employers must address the skills gap that exists between them and older workers. This can be achieved through regular training programs, cross-generational mentorship, and promoting a positive work environment that values social skills.

In conclusion, organizations must be proactive in addressing these nine future of work trends in order to be an employer of choice in 2023. They must prioritize support for their employees, expand their talent pipelines, promote diversity and inclusion, and invest in their workforce to ensure success in the years to come.

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