Surprising Tidbits for Executives in Their Job Search

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According to LinkedIn, top candidates, on average, are hired in ten days, though the average interview process takes up to 27.5 days. Here are some surprising things you (probably) don’t know about executive resumes and job searches. 

  • Companies lose as many as 89% of candidates due to prolonged screening.
  • 68% of leaders believe that they are overqualified for their job
  • 49% of people looking for their next executive role, compensation is the most relevant factor when accepting a new job offer
  • 27% of businesses publicly disclose wages and salaries
  • The average job search on the executive job search is a minimum of 5 months.
  • 82% of job applicants at the executive level get unintentionally disqualified by applicant tracking systems
  • 96% of software and IT companies across the globe are remote
  • More than 70% of currently employed people are considering a new role if they are a director or above.
  • 78% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn outreach to find top talent
  • A professional resume written will boost your earning potential by 7%
  • Of currently employed executives, 36% came from their network. Most people need to learn how to ask for help or referrals, engage with people, or build relationships with people they already know.

How do you make sure to leverage your network the right way? 

To make this happen, you need a professionally written LinkedIn profile and resume that highlights your achievements relative to the role you are pursuing.

Of executives, 18% got their jobs from executive search firms, headhunters, or recruiters that reached out to them. 15% of executives in their current role were hired due to a promotion, hiring managers reached out to 4% of executives through social media, an in-house recruiter contacted 6%, and 4.2% of executives gained their roles via job boards.

Executives feel the most challenging parts of their job search are: 

  1. They think their situation is unique – they are approaching the job search incorrectly or need to be correctly branded. 
  2. They need a plan – part of the plan should include answers to the hiring manager’s questions, the career search, what to know about the company or position, and what they may not know. 
  3. Executives give mixed messages – maybe they have been working in retail or oil/gas, for example, and want to change industries but can’t figure out how to brand themselves effectively and adequately transition to a new industry.
  4. Standing out in the marketplace – how do you stand out in the marketplace? Highlight your accomplishments and achievements so other people can understand them. You have to tell people how you have been successful, or it will be hard to stand out. 

Here are the two biggest problems executives face in their job search: 

  1. Not enough people know who they are or the value they can bring to a company within their domain 
  2. They need to learn how to leverage people they know to aid in their job search 

So ask yourself, “am I correctly branded so people can find me and contact me?” Make sure you are branded like the leader that you already know you are. Are you a leader with a plan for your job search and career? Do you have a job search strategy? Or are you leaning on the Indeed wishing well? If you do not have a plan, it’s hard to be successful.

Whether in a search or not, you should always have an optimized resume and LinkedIn profile, regardless of where you are in your career. If a potential employer tries to contact you for an opportunity where you could make a huge impact, you will want to make sure you are appropriately branded. If you are a C-Suite individual and a company is looking for a CEO, if you are not branded correctly or standing out in the marketplace, no one will contact you. 

If you are upset about your current career, CHANGE IT! Don’t waste any more time working at a job you hate. If you feel overqualified, undervalued, and not being challenged, then it’s probably time for a change. If you don’t know how to approach your job search effectively, then you need to get support. Our team is ready to give you the support you need to help you land your dream job.

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