Spray and Pray? Or, Network and Negotiate?

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Are you struggling with applying through online job boards?

When it comes to job searching, you may have heard the terms:

  • Spray and Pray
  • The Indeed Wishing Well
  • The Online Job Application Black Hole

There’s a reason why it often takes over 100 online job board applications just to get one interview. Did you know there’s only a 2% chance you’re even going to get called after applying to an online job posting?

YES! And, how frustrating?

Here’s the reason why it’s so hard to use online job boards…

If you’re in a Director, VP, or Executive-level job search process, with 15+ years of experience as a high-performer, and no one is calling you back after you’ve applied to over 100 jobs online… or, if you’ve spent HOURS of time filling out applications and you still haven’t seen any results…

Know that the average job posting gets about 200+ applicants, and HALF of those applicants get disqualified based on ATS (applicant tracking system) technicalities. Any other candidates may be filtered out by recruiters or hiring decision-makers. And, finally, only 3-6 people will actually get called for phone screens out of this group.

The chances of you getting called are very low and this isn’t your fault. The ATS tracking system and online job boards have specific algorithms that can easily filter you out — even if you are more than qualified for the positions you’re after. That’s why this type of job search isn’t a good approach for most job seekers.

And, here’s what you should do instead…

What you need to do instead of using online job boards… is conduct a proactive job search that targets your top employers.

Instead of using the “Indeed Wishing Well,” you’ll need to spend your time and energy on activities that drive RESULTS in your job search.

So, if you’ve applied to over 100 jobs online and haven’t gotten any interviews, and you know it’s time to change up your job search strategy, let’s talk

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