Proven Tactics To Help You Take Control of Your Job Search

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Let’s face it, anxiety is awful. Yet thousands of professionals woke up this morning feeling anxious over their Director, VP, or Executive-level job search process.

The pandemic has caused a ripple effect of trauma everywhere… ?

  • Job loss
  • Furlough
  • Or, possibly even feeling unsafe in your current position

If you are feeling anxious or know someone in this situation …

Check out these PROVEN tactics to help you take CONTROL over your high-level job search:

  • ➡️ Using a spreadsheet, list out your top 50 – 75 companies that you would want to work for. Think local, regional, national, and even global (yes, GLOBAL).
  • ➡️ Research at least 3 contacts from each company (think HR or those that may be in the hiring manager role) and document the details (Hint: Use LinkedIn to conduct your research).
  • ➡️ Finally, network with at least five to 15 people per day, every day. Build relationships by seeking to understand their situations, genuinely listening, and fostering friendship. [If you need help with scripts, we have a program dedicated to high-level job search support.]

By week 3, your list has turned into a goldmine of connections, engaging, and meaningful activity!!

And this is how you make change happen.

There is no magic bullet. The work and effort it takes to find a $100K-$500K+ job is ahead of you… BUT, you can do this and our team at ECU would be honored to help you be READY. ?

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Looking forward,

Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades

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