Job Place Toxicity and How To Get Out

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Are you feeling burned-out, unsafe, or undervalued in your current Director, VP, or Executive position?

Job place toxicity is one of the TOP reasons our clients seek out our help. 

They’ll do just about ANYTHING to get out of the door at their current job but have NO idea where to start in their job search and wind up feeling even more stuck.

Here are some signs you may be experiencing job place toxicity:

  • Feeling exhausted and getting sick more often than usual
  • Crying in the car during your lunch break (yes, it is that bad for some!)
  • Hitting the snooze button more than 3X, with zero motivation to go to the office
  • Dealing with a narcissistic leader or apathetic board
  • Feeling undervalued and unappreciated
  • Loss of confidence
  • Bringing home toxic behavior that is affecting your spouse and family

Our client, Matt, a Chief Technology Officer, was experiencing burnout and was ready for a change in his career.

Like many of our clients, Matt realized that his job search approach was not leading to the change he wanted to make. Here’s what Matt had to share about his job search before working with us:

  • “I was traveling a lot. I was busy and I was just kind of doing it [the job search] haphazardly… So, I knew if I didn’t have some kind of accountability then I wouldn’t [get there] … I needed a coach to get to that next level. I needed someone that said ‘Hey, did you interview for jobs?’ I was going to meet with a group of people each week and wanted to say that I did something.”

And, here’s how Matt got out of his toxic environment:

Working with Executive Career Upgrades, Matt invested in accelerating his career by following repeatable, predictable, and measurable strategies that helped him identify decision-makers and attract high-quality interviews…

Thanks to his newfound knowledge and confidence, Matt negotiated a great 6-figure salary and a job he LOVES!

If you’re a Director, VP, or Executive who is experiencing burnout and are committed to accelerating your career, we invite you to schedule your free career breakthrough session with us. 

Looking forward,

Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades


P.S. Like Matt and so many of our clients, you are HIGHLY VALUABLE and you deserve to be recognized for your contributions with the right position and employer. So, if you are struggling in your executive career search, our PROVEN BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS might just be the answer.

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