Interested In Getting Paid Over $200K A Year?

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If you’re a Director, VP, or Executive looking to pinpoint job opportunities in the $200K+ realm, you’ve come to the right place.

  • James landed an $500K+ Sales Executive Leadership DREAM JOB
  • Ron got a 140% salary increase in 90 days and landed a job he loves as a Tech Exec
  • Shantanu, a Tech Exec, landed his DREAM ROLE making over $250K, plus a $50K sign-on bonus and full relocation in 65 days!

Their hard work has paid off to land jobs they LOVE!


Tell me, are you finally ready for your hard work to pay off so that you can land the job and money you know you deserve?

We offer a proven blueprint with the exact steps that a high-performer like yourself needs to take to land that DREAM ROLE.

  • Our clients typically see a MASSIVE pay increase of 20%+ from their most recent roles when they work with us.
  • Many land jobs they LOVE in 90 days!

It’s not about luck… it’s about preparation. ??

So, if you’re a Director, VP, or Executive, we invite you to gain clarity on your executive-level career change with a Career Breakthrough Session on us.

You should schedule a Career Breakthrough Session with us if:

     ✅ You’re finally ready to land your dream job, but you don’t know where to start
     ✅ You’re sick and tired of watching less talented people in your industry get the job you love
     ✅ You’re frustrated being underemployed, unemployed, or not accelerating in your career
     ✅ You’re sick of meeting with recruiters who ghost you after your phone interviews
     ✅ You’re constantly editing your resume for jobs on the job boards only to hear crickets
     ✅ You are losing confidence daily and not getting any traction

Visit to claim your spot for a conversation about accelerating your career unlike any other.

Make it a great day,

Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades