If It’s Meant To Be, It’s Up To You

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It’s a New Year and if you’re not excited about where you stand in your current Director, VP, or Executive-level job, we want to help you make your week’s worth celebrating. ?✨

I get a bit emotional when I think about my own career success story and how MASSIVE my results were when I practiced the mantra “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.

If you don’t already know me, my name is Tim Madden, MBA. As the founder of Executive Career Upgrades, I have worked with/helped over 8,000 professionals in 22 industries… and I know exactly what it takes to ace an interview and land that dream offer. ?

In fact, I spent years on active duty, serving in the Army; gained many accolades, awards, and received a number of challenge coins to solidify my leadership status. After leaving the military to join civilian life, I found myself unprepared and spinning my wheels from one interview to the next WITHOUT GETTING JOB OFFERS.

… So, there I was: Educated * Experienced * Eager * Unemployed ??‍♂️?

Through what I now refer to as the “3 Pillars of Career Acceleration Success” (strategy | community | support) I used my gifts in leadership and mindset to land my dream job at a MASSIVE HEADHUNTING & RECRUITMENT FIRM. In that role, I reviewed thousands of resumes and LinkedIn profiles to learn the exact steps Directors, VPs, and Executives needed to take to land their DREAM JOB.

I was so successful as a Fortune 500 company Director, VP, and Executive-level Headhunter, I created a proven program to help high achieving professionals land their dream job in 90 days. ??

Our team is passionate about helping high achievers land that next 6-figure job, which most of the time is less about tactics [although we know they are vital] and more about mindset and confidence.

We had nearly 1,000 offers come in for our clients last year. ?

  • Sanjeev accepted a massive 6-figure offer to work for one of the U.S.’s largest restaurant franchises as a Technology Executive
  • Shantanu’s meteoric salary increase went from around $130K to well over $300K as a Tech Exec in just 67 days
  • Scott just got an $80K salary increase, with 4 job offers in 72 hours

You can make today and your future career journey worth celebrating.

If you’re a Director, VP, or Executive looking to land a $100K+ job you LOVE within 90 days (without relying on job boards or recruiters), you’re invited to schedule your first Career Breakthrough Session on us. Taking control over your job search and landing that next job quickly is in your hands. We can help.

To your success,

Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades