How To Maximize Your Workday: Part 3 of 3

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Tips For The Procrastinator to Increase Productivity

The common causes of people procrastinating in the workplace include fear of failure and lack of motivation. If you are a procrastinator, identify some possible changes you can make to make your environment a place for you to be productive. 

Various techniques can help you stop procrastinating, both short-term and long-term. Find what works for you. 

Accountability: Find an accountability partner; it can be a colleague or leader. The person will have to take this role seriously and relay their disappointment or appreciation if your goals are met or not. 

Create Lists: The best to-do lists set you off in the right direction each day and help you focus on the most critical tasks. A to-do list can help you achieve more important goals with the right strategies. At the end of your work day, list goals to be completed the following day.

Make your goals realistic, and avoid the temptation to make a list for the whole week, leaving you feeling overburdened and stressed. Add smaller items to your list each day. Do not stack multiple things behind an enormous task, such as finishing a project. Break it down into smaller tasks to do over time. 


Change Your Environment:

  1. Improve your environment to make it easier for you to start and harder to procrastinate.
  2. If you know what environment you work best in, such as a quiet place, go somewhere quiet or use noise-canceling headphones.
  3. If you are easily distracted by social media sites, try using a browser extension to block those sites. 
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