How Eric Went From Stagnation To Increasing His Pay By $75K

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As a Senior Global Brand Strategy Leader in the New York City job market, Eric was in a position where he wanted to contribute more but felt stagnated in his role. Has this ever happened to you?

While he was certain he was ready for a career change, Eric struggled for months in doing his job search alone.

In fact, Eric even hired another career coaching company and got no results. ?

An outstanding global marketing strategist for his employer(s), Eric ultimately was frustrated with what most of us doing job searches have a hard time with … appropriately marketing himself to stand out in the marketplace.

So, here’s the good news…

Within 6 weeks of working with our team at ECU, Eric’s job search process took a full 180-degree turn and he landed the job of his dreams with a MASSIVE $75K pay increase over his former role!

Congratulations to Eric for reaching career change success! ? Click the graphic below to watch his powerful testimonial video.

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If your current job situation doesn’t fulfill you, we want to help you get back on track. Our clients feel more in control and confident in their job search and that’s what gives them an edge over their competition.

We have the exact blueprint and tools to make that happen for you.

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Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades

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