Here’s How To Increase Your Earning Potential, Like Steve Just Did

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Have you ever felt this way?

“I was working for a Fortune 200 company as department manager … working 60-70 hours a week. Traveling 150 days a year… Hit burnout with all the things going on. And, it played a negative influence in my personal life.” – Steve R., Product Leader

It happens to nearly every high-level professional in their career. According to one study shared in a recent Forbes article, if you don’t change jobs every 2 years you’ll lose 50% of your lifetime earning potential. This can equate to $500,000 to $1,000,000 over the course of your career. (SHRM)

For Steve, he knew he was ready to make the change and after spending some time getting a new resume and job hunting on his own with no luck, he realized that the job search system is broken. Steve chose to take matters into his own hands and hire a coach.

And, today, we congratulate Steve on a MASSIVE SALARY increase of $65K, along with quickly landing a job he LOVES (thanks to following our proven blueprint for success)!

Check out Steve’s remarkable Success Story here:

When I asked Steve what he found most valuable about working with us, he shared:

“The consistency of staying on the Roadmap to Success. The one-on-one coaching calls, the mindset sessions, the “connection” part through Esferas and LinkedIn [support]…”

Steve’s investment in himself paid dividends when it came to his job search success. If you’re looking to invest in a proven program to help you land your next Director, VP, or Executive-level position like Steve did, schedule a FREE Career Breakthrough Session with us to learn more.

Thank you,

Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades

P.S. No matter where you are in your career, everyone struggles with confidence to make necessary changes… And, accepting that a certain job or business relationship is going nowhere is a sign of progress, not a failure.

So, if you’d like to move forward and accelerate your career to the next level, we highly encourage you to schedule a Career Breakthrough Session to get clear on your next steps today:

Allow us to support your next career move, as you recognize what makes you unique—and make sure others see it, too!