Here’s How This Beauty Industry Exec Landed His Dream Role

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Meet Curt. An Executive Sales Leader in the Beauty Industry who spent months searching through online job boards, including LinkedIn and Indeed, with no results.

Even when Curt landed an interview, he experienced what so many of us seeking jobs … cold REJECTION. ?

Then … one day, this all changed for Curt. He reached out to our team to discuss how he could quickly land a job he LOVES by applying our proven blueprint for career change success.

And here are a few highlights of what happened next:

  • Curt gained a confidence boost when his newly created Resume and LinkedIn profile captured his IMPRESSIVE experience and the results tied to his contributions in the beauty industry.
  • Through automation, Curt connected with hundreds of hiring decision-makers every day.
  • The more hiring decision-makers Curt connected with, the more networking opportunities were created to build meaningful relationships.
  • Thanks to the relationships Curt established, the HIDDEN JOB MARKET opened up with a great opportunity …

Curt landed a job he absolutely LOVES. And, even better, our team helped him negotiate a MASSIVE SALARY increase, bonus, and equity for his new role! ?

The very best part about this all is that our program is available to ALL Directors, VPs, and Execs looking to accelerate their careers and land that next 6-figure role quickly.

Beyond the rejection faced, there’s so much fear that we must overcome to achieve success in our career growth.

From the fear of failure to the lack of know-how on a career search, we often tell ourselves excuses to not make the changes we want the most in our work lives. 

Yet, just like Curt did, you can change this by reaching out to get support through a proven blueprint for career change success with us. We’d love to offer you the one-on-one support we gave to Curt and hundreds of our other successful clients in their time of need.

If you’re interested in learning more, there is no time like the present time to take action towards your career goals! Schedule your free discovery call today:

Together in success,

Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades

P.S. Curt isn’t our only client that was struggling in his high-level job search. In fact, Kelly came to us after working with a few other career coaches and yielding no results. Her candid testimonial, along with Curt’s and many others, shows how powerful our program is… especially when it comes to yieliding results.

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