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From Unemployed to a 6-Figure VP Role in 90 Days

by | Apr 19, 2021 | 0 comments

Have you ever gone through a long period of unemployment?

The same thing happened to Chris… He was a seasoned sales professional, over the age of 50, with his MBA, amazing accomplishments, and achievements, but could not get on a quality interview.

He thought it was his age or the fact that he’d been unemployed for a while that was holding him back.

He thought he had to take a step a step down in his career.

But in just a matter of 90 days, we helped him land a role at one of the largest construction companies in Florida as their VP of Sales, even though they didn’t even have a role advertised or know they had a need!

Let us pause for a minute and say if you are struggling in your career right now, don’t know where to start, or aren’t getting the traction YOU KNOW you should be getting in your search.

Schedule a call with my team here: Career Breakthrough Session

Let’s have a conversation about your career that likely you’ve never had before and more importantly, formulate a plan to get you on high-quality interviews NOW.


Chris is now happily working in a job he LOVES, making more money, and most importantly, has gained back the confidence he lost!

To take a look at how Chris and another client of ours, John, felt after working with us and landing a 6-figure VP role: click here.