Introducing Kristina Madden:

Driving Success at
Executive Career Upgrades

Nestled in the Vibrant Landscape of Sunny Southwest Florida

In the world of business and transformation, there emerges a driving force who has propelled Executive Career Upgrades (ECU) to remarkable heights.

Meet Kristina Madden, a co-founder and Chief People Officer whose journey has become synonymous with growth, empowerment, and purpose. With the sun-soaked backdrop of Southwest Florida, Kristina’s story unfolds as a testament to relentless determination and unwavering vision.

A Journey to Soaring Heights:
Co-founder and Chief People Officer

Charting the Ascension of ECU to the Inc 5000 List

Kristina Madden’s remarkable journey as a co-founder and Chief People Officer of ECU has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. In a momentous achievement this year, ECU proudly secured its place on the coveted Inc 5000 list, a testament to its rapid rise as one of America’s most promising enterprises. As the trajectory hurtles toward breaching 8 figures, Kristina’s leadership and strategic acumen stand as a driving force behind this remarkable feat in the making.

Mastermind of Transformation:
The Mindset Coach Extraordinaire

Unlocking Key Potential in Accomplished Executives

At the heart of Kristina’s career lies a unique expertise – that of a Mindset Coach. Collaborating closely with accomplished executives, Kristina orchestrates profound transformations in their viewpoints. Her approach guides them toward unlocking latent capacities across both personal and professional spheres, leading to unparalleled growth and development.

Catalyst for Excellence:
The Dynamic Results Coach

Crafting the Best Versions of Over 8,000 Professionals

Kristina’s impact resonates through the lives of over 8,000 professionals. Her role as a dynamic Results Coach has empowered individuals to harness their true potential. Through individualized strategies, Kristina crafts the very best versions of these professionals, fostering personal and career growth that extends to consultancy services for some of Inc. 500’s fastest-growing businesses.

Empowerment and Upliftment:
A Profound Mission

Elevating Directors, VPs, and Executives to Market Luminaries

Kristina’s mission reaches beyond business metrics. Her profound goal is to enhance job satisfaction, elevate salaries, and foster employee engagement among Directors, VPs, and Executives. By aiding these leaders in assuming the role of market luminaries, Kristina ardently strives to uplift their professional journeys, empowering them to create lasting impact.

Beyond Boundaries:
Cultivating Resilience and Purpose

A Calling to Cultivate Resilient Mindsets and Unearth Purpose

Kristina’s influence extends beyond the confines of the corporate world. Her calling encompasses cultivating a resilient mindset and unearthing life’s purpose for individuals across diverse walks of life. Through her guidance, Kristina touches countless lives, enabling them to embrace challenges, find purpose, and achieve their fullest potential.

Entrepreneurial Renaissance:
Visionary in Software and Real Estate

Wearing Multiple Hats to Achieve Remarkable Milestones

Venturing into entrepreneurship, Kristina wears multiple hats alongside her husband, Tim Madden. Together, they stand as visionaries in the automation software domain, achieving a remarkable multi-six-figure status within its debut year. Recently, her pursuit has extended to real estate investment, with a remarkable goal of acquiring 100 doors nationwide.

Growth Forged by Wisdom:
Mentorship and Development

A Journey Enriched by Mentorship

Kristina’s growth story is a tapestry woven with the threads of mentorship. Luminaries like Grant and Elena Cardone, along with Brandon and Natalie Dawson, have imparted invaluable wisdom. This intricate network has enriched Kristina’s understanding of leadership and development, infusing her journey with profound insights.

In the grand narrative of Kristina Madden, she isn’t merely a co-founder and Chief People Officer. She stands as a guiding light for those in search of transformation. Through her leadership, Executive Career Upgrades becomes more than just a company; it becomes a beacon of empowerment, growth, and purposeful living.

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