Three Must-Use Tactics For Your Next High-Level Interview

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Let me guess… 

You’re fully qualified for that next Director, VP, or Executive-level position. Still, the moment you don’t hear back from your future employer a week after the interview, you realize you’ve lost the opportunity.

What’s worse is, you have no idea what happened because you felt really damn good about the interview. Has this ever happened to you?

It can be so frustrating!

While you’ve been focusing on the pressure of landing the job, you may have failed in one of these 3 areas of your interview:

✅ Nailing your 60-second intro
✅ Keeping your interview answers to 120-seconds or less (Note: Over talking during your interview is a sure-fire way to get rejected ? or ghosted ?)
✅ Failing to help your future employer picture a future with you

So, what’s the solution? Here are our top tips for your next interview:

  1. Take the time to type or write out your 60-second intro pitch and practice it. State your name, where you are from, one personal detail (like, you love to golf or hike, etc.), one compelling stat from your most recent position (Example: “In my most recent role, I was responsible for a $4B sales quota in 121 countries.”), and tie it into why you’re interested in working with the company you’re interviewing with.
  2. Do research on the company you’re interviewing with. The best way to overcome any interview anxiety or nervousness is to be extremely prepared to answer any interviewer questions in 60 – 120 seconds. This means, you’ll need to keep your interview answers short, but be thorough. Forums across the web share insight into interviewing questions at companies like Amazon or Boeing (as examples). So, take the time to do some homework on what you’re up against, especially if there are technical interview questions you need to brush up on.
  3. Engage in storytelling. Storytelling showcases your ability to connect the dots with what your employer is telling you they need in their ideal employee. It is your opportunity to share with your future employer EXACTLY how you have solved similar problems to what they may be facing in their own company. Remember: When you tell these stories about your past experiences, be sure to include quantitative details on things like total cost savings and revenue results, thanks to your good work.
Your job in an interview is to ALWAYS find out what your potential employer’s needs are and then SHOW THEM how you can help them accomplish whatever they tell you.

The three (3) must-use tactics above are just the tip of the iceberg for your next Director, VP, or Executive-level interview. So, if you are spinning your wheels in search of your next high income ($150K-$300K+ job opportunity), I highly encourage you to grab a spot on our calendars for your FREE career breakthrough session.

Our team goes the distance when it comes to supporting you with attracting hiring decision-makers, interview prep, scripts, follow-up tactics, and even salary negotiations, so you don’t end up leaving money on the table when you finally snag that coveted offer.

Looking forward,

Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades

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