The Power of Personal Branding – How Hattie Bypassed Job Boards

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Are you ready to be branded so well future employers can’t ignore you? Hattie certainly was.

As a Global Marketing Executive, Hattie knew exactly how to look at the big picture to launch the most successful marketing campaigns with the best conversions for her former employers.

Yet, she struggled with her own personal branding when it came to her Executive-level job search. While 2021 was the year for Hattie’s career change, she anticipated the job search process would take her 6 months to a year.

👉🏽👉🏽 After engaging with us, Hattie was able to land her DREAM ROLE in 90 days!

She received a job offer of over $200K, which we helped negotiate an additional $30K to her base offer and an additional 5% bonus!

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How did she do it? 🤔

  • Hattie connected with people within her network 📲
  • She practiced her elevator pitch — a testimony to the POWER OF PERSONAL BRANDING 🔊
  • Engaged with ECU’s training modules 💻
  • And worked with our team to create powerful follow-up scripts 👩🏽‍🏫👨🏽‍🏫

There was no job posting for Hattie’s new role, yet she managed to bypass Job Boards, Applicant Tracking Systems, and Recruiters to achieve career acceleration success. 🎯🎯

Our team at Executive Career Upgrades wants to help you do the same and achieve the success that you know you deserve in your Director, VP, or Executive-level job search.

If you want to achieve success and land the job you LOVE in 90 days, book a call with our Expert Career Coaches today.

The call is free and could mean the difference between engaging in a months-long job search to landing your next 6-figure position within weeks. We have the exact blueprint for making that happen for you — ask us how.

Looking forward,

Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades

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