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The Power of a Great Resume

by | Mar 1, 2021

After reviewing over 200,000 resumes and crafting thousands for Directors, VP, Execs, and other professionals targeting 6 figures I wanted to share with you just how much easier your job search can be by having a compelling resume that showcases your skills, has specific measurable achievements listed throughout your career, and a provide you with a few tips to help you in this process.


When you think about resumes you often hear terms like keywords and if you don’t have the right ones listed on your resume it may not pass through Applicant Tracking System.  Let me let you in on a little secret, nearly 90% of people have the right keywords in their resume.  Why most people are being overlooked is because of what is in their career summary.


The first thing a recruiter looks at when determining if he/she is going to pass your information on or give you a call to do a phone screen is the top of your resume.  I cannot express the importance of listing your most significant measurable achievements at the top of your resume relative to what you are targeting.  This is by far the biggest mistake I see most Directors, VP, & Execs make.


When you can craft a result driven achievement-based resume showcasing your skills, magical things happen.  You start getting on more quality interviews but more importantly, the interviews go tremendously better.  It goes better because you have done a better job explaining how you have been successful throughout your career and you aren’t just talking about what you have done.  It makes for a truly better conversation as they have a better understanding of the value you can provide based on your past accomplishments.


Does your resume need a boost so that you can get on more quality interviews and make the interview process easier?  Book a call and lets chat, you can schedule your call below.