If you missed the live broadcast, no worries! You can now access the replay of this compelling episode!. Host Kristina Madden engages in a deep and insightful conversation with Natalie Dawson, Co-Founder and President of Cardone Ventures and President of 10X Health.

This episode explores Natalie’s extensive experience in building scalable teams and driving organizational growth. With her strategic insights, she discusses how to achieve well-rounded personal, professional, and financial goals and the nuances of scaling teams for sustained success.

Natalie also shares valuable lessons from her new book, “Start The Work,” a vital manual for leaders aiming to cultivate high-performing teams that align with long-term company objectives. Her expertise is not just theoretical but proven through her significant role in transforming tens of thousands of businesses.

Tune in to the replay to gain invaluable advice on enhancing your leadership skills and achieving extraordinary success. This conversation with Natalie Dawson offers a treasure trove of strategies and insights for any leader focused on effective team management and organizational growth.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of the most insightful voices in leadership and team building. Listen to the replay of Episode 133 and start transforming your approach to leadership and team scalability today!