A new ECU Podcast episode (Episode #5: Overcoming Objections in the Interview) is out now! Click here to listen to the episode on iTunes.

In yesterday’s episode, we discussed overcoming objections that you are likely to encounter in an interview. Plus, I provided some framework to overcome them and move on to the next stage of interviews or get that offer you deserve.

Key highlights:

✅ 1. Failure to negotiate these will likely end the interview
✅ 2. Ask CLARIFYING question(s)
✅ 3. Sometimes you aren’t even handling the true concern
✅ 4. Always AGREE- People are less defensive/open when they think you agree
✅ 5. Say you UNDERSTAND – Validate their concern/hesitation
✅ 6. Get to the root of the true concern
✅ 7. Then REITERATE how you do have that experience
✅ 8. Overcoming Hidden Objections Practice this framework, then practice it again!

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