Missed the Live Stream? Catch the Replay! The ECU Podcast Episode 113: “How to Go From Director to Executive in 3 Years”

Couldn’t make it to the live event on Wednesday, 1/3/2024? No worries! The replay is now available, and you’re invited to explore the transformative strategies shared during our discuss ascending from director to executive in just three years.

Whether you’re currently in a managerial position or already on the director level, learn the essential steps to catapult your career to the executive tier. From mastering leadership skills to understanding the nuances of executive presence, our panel of experts provides invaluable insights and practical advice.

Gain a wealth of knowledge and inspiration as we unveil the mindset, skills, and tactics that propelled successful professionals to the top of the corporate ladder in record time.

Tune in now to ECU Podcast Episode 113 and embrace the journey that could redefine your career.

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