How Gary Went From $83K to $179K+ In 75 Days!

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The jobs of Directors, VPs, and Executives are much more complicated today than ever before.

Between impending RIFs (reduction in force), layoffs, executive overwhelm, and general career dissatisfaction, it’s enough to keep high-performers considering their options for new opportunities.

Yet, job hunting has drastically changed in the past ten+ years.

Before working with ECU, Gary had the same job for 20 years. His company was going through a RIF, and he spent about 6 months living in uncertainty.

Knowing he needed to make a change, he found himself in a job search process that was frustrating and not panning out the way he’d hoped. (Does this sound familiar?)

Gary had applied for 100 positions through online job boards like Indeed and was getting nowhere.

Knowing he needed to try something different, Gary attended our masterclass training.

And at that point, Gary decided to invest in himself … Taking a stand personally and professionally to own what he had to offer and showcase himself as the expert in his industry.

The results? Gary more than DOUBLED his salary, going from $83K to $179K+ in 75 days!

In Gary’s words, what he found most valuable about working with us…

  1. The streamlined training course is so valuable.
  2. The availability of the team. When you’re in that moment, to be able to reach out to someone on the ECU team and have that phone call [changed his career trajectory].
  3. Mindset. Mindset. Mindset. I challenged myself every day to remain focused on succeeding in my job search.

“The system is proven. Follow the plan. Take the lead, and you will become successful.” – Gary

So, if you want to be prepared, confident, and land a lucrative job aligned with your personal and professional goals, we can offer you the most incredible opportunity to join our Executive Career Upgrades program of career-focused, high-achievers.

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Make it a great day,

Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades

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