Here’s A Great Plan For Career Acceleration Success

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If you’re looking to accelerate your career in a Director, VP, or Executive-level role and it’s been a while since you last interviewed, know that things are not operating the same way they were before.

Gone are the days of job searching the way we knew it 15 years ago. This means you can’t just “spruce up” your resume and apply through online job boards and expect to land that next 6-figure or multiple 6-figure role.

Here’s why:

  • Ineffective ATS (applicant tracking systems) have replaced actual people reading your applications online. 98% of Fortune 500 companies use them (ATS), as well as over 65% of large corporations — coincidentally, these may be the same companies you could be looking to be hired by.
  • Your resume and experience could be on point, but one missing keyword or pre-screening detail not matching up properly and you’re rejected before you’ve had a chance.
And, while sources like the New York Times and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and others, continue to project a hot job market for job seekers, those in senior-level positions may find the hiring process even more complicated because 80% of the high-level positions are never even published online.

The way to land your next 6-figure or multiple 6-figure position is to do what Chris did. Network like you don’t need a job… Click the graphic below to watch his impressive Success Story. ?

?? Before working together, Chris was conducting his own job search and relying on job boards without gaining any traction

That is until he partnered with us and implemented a plan that works.

And when he took action through our executive coaching program, Chris negotiated a $135K salary increase AND a $45K bonus in 4 months. ?

Now, do you have a plan for your job search? ?

If you are struggling in a search or just starting we HIGHLY encourage you to schedule a complimentary Career Breakthrough Session so we can put a proven system and plan in place for your job search.

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Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades