Missed the live episode? Catch the replay of an enlightening session with Mike Fallat, “The Book Man,” Dive into the fascinating world of publishing and storytelling, brought to you by host Kristina Madden of Executive Career Upgrades.

Discover the journey of transforming your dream into a published reality as Mike Fallat, the brain behind Dreamstarters Publishing and the Million Dollar Book Agency, unfolds his blueprint for success. With over 300 entrepreneurs guided to bestseller status, Mike’s insights into ghostwriting, cover design, marketing funnels, and book fulfillment are invaluable.

Learn how to use your book as a dynamic marketing tool, explore the ultimate marketing CRM for authors, and pick up expert tips on storytelling and brand building. This episode is a treasure trove for aspiring authors and entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the publishing world.

Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Tune in to the replay of Episode 122 and embark on your journey from dream to bookshelf with the guidance of one of the industry’s leading publishing experts.

Whether aiming to publish your first book or seeking innovative ways to enhance your brand, this session is brimming with inspiration and actionable strategies to elevate your publishing journey.