About Mike Turley

Senior Director of Enrollment at Executive Career Upgrades

Mike Turley is a dynamic professional with a track record of success, a passion for continuous learning, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. As a Senior Director of Enrollment at Executive Career Upgrades (ECU), Mike brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

Professional Background and Expertise

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from San Diego Christian College. Prior to joining ECU, he honed his skills and demonstrated his proficiency during his tenure at GEICO from 2009 to 2015, where he received numerous accolades and awards for his outstanding contributions.

His career journey took a significant turn when he ventured into the high-ticket remote sales domain, where he achieved remarkable success. Over the course of his professional career, Mike has facilitated over $10 million in sales, solidifying his reputation as a high-performing sales professional.

At ECU, Mike’s expertise in sales and business development is a cornerstone of our success. His ability to close deals, train sales representatives, and foster growth aligns seamlessly with our mission to empower individuals with career advancements.

Inspiration Behind Joining Executive Career Upgrades

Mike’s decision to join ECU was motivated by a desire to align his career with a company that not only values growth but also positively impacts the world. Recognizing ECU as his dream role, he is committed to contributing to our organization’s mission and growing alongside it.

The culture of generosity and determination exhibited by ECU’s leadership resonates deeply with Mike, making him feel at home and instilling a sense of commitment that fuels his daily efforts to excel.

Approach to Working with Clients

Mike’s client-centric philosophy is grounded in the belief that the most effective way to help individuals is by understanding their unique needs and aspirations. By focusing on their motivations and goals, he tailors strategies that align with their desired outcomes.

He recognizes that true progress is possible when clients are not only willing to change but also take action to support their decisions. This client-focused approach forms the foundation of Mike’s success in enrollment and sales.

Beyond the Professional Life

Outside of his professional endeavors, Mike places a high priority on his family. With nine years of marriage and two young children, he and his wife are committed to nurturing a thriving partnership, constantly working on improving communication, understanding, love, respect, validation, and appreciation within their relationship.

Mike is an avid sports enthusiast, engaging in activities like golf, pickleball, and disc golf. His competitive spirit shines through as he participates in pickleball tournaments, always striving for excellence.

Additionally, Mike and his wife have ventured into entrepreneurship through their real estate investment journey, showcasing their diverse range of entrepreneurial activities.

Mike Turley’s multifaceted background and dedication to personal and professional growth make him an exceptional Senior Director of Enrollment at Executive Career Upgrades, embodying the values and vision of our organization.