About Matilda Olsson

National Director of Enrollment at Executive Career Upgrades

Matilda brings a rich background in sales and marketing, complemented by a strong knack for crafting effective media strategies for a wide spectrum of businesses, ranging from startups to global corporate giants. Her career journey has been marked by consistent top-ranking performances in sales. However, Matilda’s unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth led her to realize the constraints of staying within the confines set by others. Her deep-seated passion lies in helping individuals, targeting the right audience, and nurturing business growth.

Inspiration to Join Executive Career Upgrades

Matilda’s introduction to Executive Career Upgrades occurred through an introduction by Eric to Kristina. The immediate connection she felt with Kristina and the alignment of ECU’s values resonated deeply with her. ECU’s core mission of impacting lives, securing futures, and fostering legacies perfectly matched Matilda’s values. She thrives on working with individuals who seize control of their destinies, for she firmly believes that greatness favors those who take bold and decisive action. Her initial meeting with Tim, marked by his straightforward, no-nonsense approach, solidified her belief that she had found the right place to empower people to leave their mark on the world.

Approach to Working with Clients

Matilda’s approach to working with clients is founded on the belief that greatness is achieved through audacious action. She is known for her candid and open conversations with clients, fearlessly posing uncomfortable questions to unearth the real obstacles they face in their career pursuits. At ECU, they understand that clients receive what they convey, and Matilda is dedicated to helping them take bold and impactful steps to not only attain but surpass their career aspirations.

Enjoyments Beyond the Professional Realm

Beyond the world of career enhancement, Matilda is a creative spirit at heart. She finds solace in singing, dancing, painting, and cooking, pouring her heart and soul into these creative pursuits. In her creative zone, time seems to vanish, allowing her to immerse herself for hours on end.

Moreover, Matilda is an enthusiastic traveler, having explored 38 countries to date. Her wanderlust knows no bounds, and the only continent she has yet to explore is Africa, which tops her list of future destinations, along with the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands. Matilda relishes the experience of delving into different countries, cultures, people, cuisine, and local celebrations. The vibrant exoticism and high-energy atmospheres she encounters while traveling offer a stark contrast to her Swedish upbringing.