About Cassie Thompson

Director of Enrollment at Executive Career Upgrades

Turning Dreams into Careers, One Conversation at a Time

Meet Cassie Thompson, a Director of Enrollment with a remarkable journey that weaves through the worlds of film production, SaaS enterprise sales, and high-ticket tech startups. Cassie’s diverse background and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in people’s lives led her to the forefront of career transformation at Executive Career Upgrades (ECU).

From Makeup Artist to Tech Maven

Cultivating Talent and Transforming Lives

Cassie’s career journey began in the captivating realm of film production, print, and fashion, where her skills as a professional makeup artist and hair stylist took center stage. Hailing from Atlanta but a wanderer at heart, Cassie ventured across the globe, honing her craft and embracing the diverse tapestry of cultures.

A Shift Toward Impact

Inspiration Behind the Transition

But life has a way of nudging us toward new horizons, and Cassie’s path shifted toward SaaS enterprise sales, a world she conquered as a Microsoft partner. This transition was just the beginning, as Cassie’s insatiable curiosity for innovation led her to explore the dynamic tech startup arena. Along the way, she lent her expertise to several startups, eventually finding her calling in the high-ticket space.

Unlocking Potential at ECU

The ECU Experience

The Executive Career Upgrades team became Cassie’s ultimate destination, driven by her unwavering desire to have a direct and lasting impact on individuals’ lives. At ECU, she finds herself in the ideal role to make dreams come true. Every day, Cassie helps highly qualified individuals unlock their hidden potential and navigate the path to their dream careers.

A Curious Approach

Guiding You Toward Success

When it comes to working with clients, Cassie’s philosophy is rooted in curiosity. She believes that understanding where her clients are and where they aspire to be is the key to success. Cassie listens intently, identifying the gaps that stand between her clients and their goals. Once the gaps are revealed, she crafts tailored solutions to bridge them, ensuring her clients land their dream roles.

Beyond the Desk

Discovering Life’s Adventures

Outside of her professional life, Cassie cherishes quality time with her family. Her love for the great outdoors beckons her to the serenity of mountains and lakes. Embracing a spirit of adventure, Cassie tackles DIY projects that often challenge her expertise, relishing the journey of discovery along the way.

Cassie Thompson is not just a Director of Enrollment; she’s a catalyst for change, a guide for career transformation, and a devoted explorer of life’s endless possibilities. Join her on a transformative journey at Executive Career Upgrades, where dreams become reality, one conversation at a time.