3 Executive Job Search Mistakes and, How You Can Avoid Making Them

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If you’ve been considering a job search or are smack dab in the middle of one… I’m glad you’ve opened this…

So tell me, has it been a while since you last had to look for a job or were on the “other side of the desk” doing an interview? If so, let me know if you can relate to this below…

While the meme is shared in jest, it’s a sobering reality that so many of us face when we use OLD tactics to achieve NEW goals.

You might have already figured out that today’s job search process has changed from 5-10 years ago. Your dream job won’t come to you, but if you’re only applying for jobs online, you could be adding months to your timeline.

It can take over 100 online job applications to even get one phone call to come in for an interview. Moreover, job searches at the mid- to senior-level positions for Directors, VPs, and Executives can take from 6-18 months.

Can you honestly wait that long (up to 18 months) to land your next role?

Fortunately, in order to differentiate yourself from your competition, I wanted to offer three of the top executive-level job search mistakes that candidates make…

  • 1️⃣Not gaining clarity on what you’re looking for. You may be an executive leader in Supply Chain Management or Cyber Security or Professional Services, but your passion lies in Customer Success, Healthcare Tech, etc. Take the time to reflect and recognize that as a high-performer, your skills are highly portable, valued, and in demand. Base your job search on what brings you authentic joy rather than applying for what seems like a good “match.”
  • 2️⃣Only using online job boards as your resource. If you haven’t heard me share this one yet, your chances of getting a call back from your latest series of online job applications is as low as 2%. It’s a recipe for rejection and frustration using this as your only job search path. There are now tools to help you with automating your job search, expanding your network, and sharing valuable industry insight that gets you noticed in the job market.
  • 3️⃣Not aligning your actions with your words. Whether you are secretly searching while employed or have been forced to due to separation, are you COMMITTED to the process? Yes. You could be telling people you are applying for dozens of jobs online when really, you are clicking “Easy Apply” buttons and not really making the effort to do the hard work in front of you. Or, maybe you’re playing it safe and not reaching out to your networking contacts — of former colleagues — because you don’t want to appear “weak” and ask for help? Either way, this is behavior that doesn’t align with your intent (no matter what you’re telling yourself or others) …

As a former Executive Headhunter and Recruiter for Fortune 500 and INC 5000 companies, I reviewed thousands of resumes where Directors looking to land that next level role would list too many irrelevant job descriptions when they should have been niching down into what they were authentically targeting for themselves.

💡💡Once my team and I help our clients gain CLARITY on their goals related to career acceleration, we get RIGHT TO WORK on an actionable plan (lovingly referred to as the “Roadmap to Success”) to help them land that next Director, VP, or Executive-level role they LOVE! 🎯🎯

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Tim Madden, MBA | Executive Career Upgrades