How To Maximize Your Workday: Part 1 of 3

by | Jul 25, 2022 | 0 comments

Unpacking the three basics of productivity

Do you find yourself at work with a list of tasks to be completed, but you never seem to get it all done?

Maybe you’re focusing on things that are not as important or, worse, procrastinating on others because you dread the task. 😧 But, did you know that being productive is more than just having the right tools and implementing techniques that can be adjusted to your working style? 

  • Increasing productivity results generally increases profits for your business and your pocketbook.
  • And improving productivity is crucial to your career growth. 

It’s normal if you keep the standard work day hours, but despite your best efforts and copious amounts of caffeine, you are not always performing at your peak, making your way through the stacks of work. During the workday, everyone slumps in productivity, trying to power through, and has mediocre output. So, to counter this, it would help if you learned what factors impact productivity and ways to improve upon them. Now, let’s explore the pillars of productivity.

Three pillars of productivity include: 

  • Valuing the minor adjustments needed for peak performance: Years of work habits cannot be changed overnight. But making small changes can add up to increased productivity. Making one small change at a time, finding one thing that works for you, and continuing to add more over time will do the trick. (A couple of great reads we’d recommend for inspiration on this subject include: “The Power of One More” by Ed Mylett and “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.)
  • Accountability: Team up with your coworkers to help hold you responsible for accomplishing your goals. Responsibility at work is critical when you have to answer to someone else and force you to achieve your tasks. 
  • Take responsibility: Acknowledge that you are human and know that every person will get distracted, blunder, or have an off day. Learn from your mistakes, and move on and improve upon them. 

Next up, in parts two and three of our series, we’ll be digging deep into how both multitaskers and procrastinators alike can maximize their productivity.

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