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3 Ways To Overcome Rejection During Your Job Search

by | Aug 10, 2021 | 0 comments

It may be Summer, but, BRRRRRRR, have you been feeling that cold rejection in your job search? 🥶

Dealing with job search rejection can be especially challenging for high-performers like yourself.

Fortunately, we have compiled our 3 top tips for how you can best deal with rejection in your executive career hunt:

  1. Pursue multiple opportunities: This is key. The more opportunities to interview you pursue, the better your chances of landing your dream role. If you are being told you may not be the best candidate for the role you’re interviewing for, ask whether there are BETTER opportunities in that organization that will allow you to contribute to their needs.
  2. Consider your strengths: If you have an updated resume that showcases results and achievements, go back and read it! You ARE BADASS! You are a Director, VP, or Executive not by accident, but by the hard work and dedication you have placed in your career.
  3. Accept it and move on: We know this is a tough pill to swallow. After all, no one wants to feel like they are not good enough. But, go back and think about tip #2 and recognize that you are meant for something more.

Beyond the rejection faced, there’s so much fear that we must overcome to achieve success in our career growth.

From the fear of failure to the lack of know-how on a career search, we often tell ourselves excuses to not make the changes we want the most in our work lives. It’s time to let go of the excuses and work towards landing the job you LOVE in 90 days…

By following the ECU step-by-step program our team has put together to help busy Directors, VPs, and Executives land jobs they LOVE in 90 days!

Our program provides a specific, measurable, and proven BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS in the following key areas of a high-level job search:

  • Optimizing your personal brand
  • Creating a compelling, ATS-friendly resume
  • Broadening your network
  • Effectively networking
  • Mastering the interview process
  • Negotiating the best offer for you

The way to nail your job search as a busy executive is to work through the process smarter, not harder and we can help!

If you’re interested in having a conversation unlike any other about accelerating your career and landing your DREAM JOB in 90 days, click here to schedule a free Career Breakthrough Session: https://go.oncehub.com/CareerBreakthroughSession.

Today is your day to kick-ass and change your circumstances!