3 Reasons Why Prioritizing Yourself Is The Key to a Healthy Work-Life Balance

by | Aug 24, 2021 | 0 comments

Are you experiencing burnout?

What’s missing from the conversation about work-life balance is the need for self-prioritization in goal setting, work, productivity, and the desire to optimize one’s life.


In my recent article picked up by Business Insider, “3 reasons why prioritizing yourself is the key to a healthy work-life balance,” I cover three interrelated reasons you’ll want to consider as you pursue your workweek:

  1. Burnout stems from a lack of excitement for what you’re pursuing
  2. The ‘work’ part of work-life balance can’t overtake your identity
  3. You’ll get more done when you work from a place of being complete


Remember: Prioritizing yourself is key. ?


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Tim Madden, MBA


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